Behind this site and blog is me, 28 years old dog-enthusiast from Oulu, Finland. Most of my life I have lived in Tampere, but after graduating from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in spring 2016  I moved to Oulu.

Animals have always been my soft spot, and as a kid I used to take neighborhoods dogs to walks. My uncle’s dog Miska had a special role in my life, as she was the one that I started training agility with. Miska was also a reasong why I decided my first own dog (Vilma) to be a Belgian sheepdog. With Vilma my whole dog-enthusiast life got into whole new level as I started competitively to train agility and obedience. These two dog-sport types still are my favorites, even during these years I have gotten acquainted with other dog-sport types as well.

This blog will mostly have dog-related writings, as they really have the biggest role in my life. But I am trying to keept this as sort of a lifestyle-blog aswell, so occasionally I am going to write also non-dog-related stuff here.