Melee and balloons


Halloween offered a great opporturnity to write about one of Melee’s special features: balloons. All of my dogs of course have loved balls and balloons, but the lifespan of the balloons has not been very long in the hands (paws/teeth) of a Belgian shepherd. Melee was not a exception and her first balloons broke up after few seconds. But she is a quick learner, so after breaking two balloons, she knew how to handle them. She learned, that when a balloon is in the air, she can jump and poke it and nothing but fun happens. But the moment trhe balloon touches the floor, she puts the caution-gear on. This means, she needs to search the knot of the balloon and gently grab the balloon.

This balloon thing is one of the many things that prove Melee is a lot clever than average Belgian. Everybody knows that Belgians are clever dogs that learn stuff quickly, but this tender behaviour towards toys (or towards anything) is not a common word when describing a Belgian shepherd. So it is a pity that Melee’s roommate Ginga represents this group of average group of Belgians, so the lifespan of balloons in this house is not prolonged… Even Ginga has an idea, that she should be careful with balloons, she just lacks the ability to think before acting and unfortunately she also believes, that speed and power are the keys to all success.

Melee’s games with balloons is, however, super-cute to watch, as she is so miraculously tender towards them and really pays attention to how to roll the ball to correct position so she is able to grab the knot.

Our Halloween-balls had a rubber bad too, which Melee quickly learned to be an option for the knot.


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