Sewing a jacket for Melee

Mellu ja takki

I have always been handicraft-person, even tough my sewing hobby is not always so active as it could be. When it comes to sewing, I happen to have three main problems:

  1. My basic knowledge about sewing is from a comprehensive school, which means my last textile work class was over 10 years ago.
  2. I hate reading instructions, so I do not know correct names for sewing accessories or sewing styles or textile materials.
  3. I am sort of perfectionist, but at the same time I always want to try to make difficult or unusual things – which often causes frustration

I could actually say, that my sewing skills are a result of mixing trial and error.

Anyways, this time I made a jacket for Melee. I have done one for each of my dogs in the past, and each time I have learned something new. This time I wanted to try a new material too, so I chose that softshell would be the main material of the jacket. Other materials were cotton jersey and a basic lining. In the past, I used fleece as lining, but it tends to get really electric when it gets in touch with dog hair, so I kind of hoped that cotton jersey could solve that problem.

Dog jacket
Ready jacket

Sewing was a bit of a challenging, and I had to buy a special ball point needle for a cotton jersey, as regular needle left dropped stitches behind. For me, both needles look the same, but the difference in the result is huge! Not a single dropped stitch! A store called Ompelutalo (located in Oulu, Finland) helped me to find a correct needle and also lots of different stuff for my future projects.

For Melee’s jacket, I also decided to put a neck part that is adjustable with elastic band and eyelets. The Same solution was used when connecting front part and hem that allows the shoulders to move freely. Of course, I also added some reflectors and also wide rubber band that goes around the hind legs  and keeps the jacket in place even on windy days.

I am quite happy with the result, even tough there are some things that I would do differently now. Maybe I would add more “format” on back and groin area of the jacket, so it would sit better on the dog. But this jacket works great for its purpose and I also find it stylish – at least it matches my taste.

Reflectors of the dog jacket
Reflectors of the dog jacket

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