PawMap – mobileapp for dog safety

PawMap is a mobile application that helps dog owners to avoid dangers, such as snakes, glass shards or poison, during daily walks. The application lets dog owners to create markings that are visible to other dog owners on a map.

PawMap home view shows a map that contains the markers that other users have made during a month. After one month,  marking will expire and it will disappear from the default map view. From settings, it is still possible to view entries older than one month. When pressing the marker, the app shows more detailed information about the danger. Detailed data contains the type of the danger (poison, dangerous animal, or other), a short title and a description of it. There might be an image of the danger too if the user has added one.

You can add your own marker by pressing long a location on the map. After this, PawMap lets you add details of the hazard.

Adding a marker is simple

I found this app a few weeks ago by coincidence and was positively surprised.There are several apps for dog owners, but most of them are poorly made and practically useless. Even the useful ones are usually ruined with poor usability. I myself use this app regularly, but I think this could be even more useful if there were more people to use it. The more people use this, the more data and markers will be added, and therefore the app is even more useful.

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PawMapin website
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Product review

Pros Cons
  • Usability is great and app is simple to use
  • App is really useful and, sadly, also necessary
  • Available for several mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  • Creating markers requires login with Facebook or Google
  • Marker is only visible in certain location, there is no possibility to add radius for it
  • There is no possibility to receive notifications when entering to an area where a marker is set